Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the list of frequently asked questions as well as answers to these questions. Please select the topic you're interested in, select your question and read the answer.


Here you can find answers to questions our customers may have when or after downloading the program

  • I cannot download the program.

    Web is huge and there's place for unpleasant surprises of any kind. Still, you shouldn't feel desperate. If you were able to e-mail us, we'll most likely be able to e-mail the installation file of the program to you.
    It is less convenient than downloading the program from our website, but it may be the only way out of this situation.
    Please contact our support team to request this service.

  • Do I need administrator privileges?

    No, you don't need such privileges.

  • I have purchased the program. Do I need to download it once again?

    Make sure you've installed the latest version of the program. To do it, check the About box of the program.
    If the same version of the program is specified in both About box of the program, you don't have to download the program once again.


Here you can find answers to questions on purchasing the program.

  • How do I pay for the program?

    Our main billing system is RegNow, Inc. This billing company processes all of the payments. RegNow, Inc offers several ways to pay for our software. Choose one which best suits you.
    On the Buy Now page of this site, select the program and the type of license you need.
    Then a page with the purchase form will open. Fill in this form. At the bottom of the form, you will see "Payment Options" line in Payment Method section.
    Offered ways of payment are:
    * Credit Card
    * Bank/Wire Transfer
    * Check
    * Fax
    * Phone
    * Mail / Money Order
    * Paypal
    Select one which suits you best and press Next button. Then, follow the steps of the wizard.

  • Our company is a government establishment.

    Government establishments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations are eligible for a discount when purchasing program licenses.
    Please contact our support service and tell us how many licenses.

  • I've purchased the program. What shall I do next?

    Once you have purchased the license, you should activate your copy.
    You have received your license key (Serial number). This key contains all information on the license you've purchased.
    Before activating make sure you have the latest version. To do it, open About box and check whether the information contained in this box coincides with the information at our web site.
    Then, start using the program for your purpose.

  • Is there a license for the whole office?

    No, there's no such license. One license is purchased for one computer. If you want 10 persons to use the program, you should purchase 10 license for each computer.

  • Is there a license for one computer?

    Yes, there is one license for one compute. One computer can have an unlimited number of user accounts. But you only purchase a license for every user account.

  • What currency can I use to pay for the program?

    You can use several currencies to pay for the program,US Dollars, Euro or Pounds, one of them.

  • What is your refund policy?

    The company do not guarantee 100% money back on your demand because of possible fraud and piracy alert.
    The company provides the client with a fully functioning version of the program for evaluation purpose.
    Our customers have enough time to examine the program and decide whether they wish to buy it.
    Still, any refund request is a matter of consideration. Feel free to contact us. Please use our support form to explain your request in detail.

  • I've purchased the program but haven't received my license key.

    Let's examine this situation in detail.
    Case 1.
    You have received a message from your billing company. This message says that your payment was successful. Please examine the contents of this message carefully. You will surely find your license key in the message from your billing company.

    Case 2.
    You haven't received a message from your billing company yet. This situation is quite normal. It takes some time for the billing company which accepts payments for our products to process your payment. Sometimes it may take them more than 24 hours to authorize your payment.

    Case 3.
    You've waited for quite a time, but you haven't received a message from your billing company. In this case, please check your messages considered as spam. It's quite possible that you can find the message from your billing company there. This may happen due to the fact that spam filters are far from being perfect today.

    Case 4.
    You haven't found this message in spam messages and have waited for quite a time.
    You probably used a mailbox which requests to confirm that the message is not of spam nature. In this case you may fail to receive the message. This be the case, please contact our support service.

    If you paid with a wire transfer or a purchase order, it may take several days to process your payment.
    If you paid with, you haven't received license key, Please click here !
    Still, feel free to consult our support service any time.


Here you can find answers to questions on activating the program.

  • How to activate the program.

    After you successfully purchase our program, you will receive an e-mail of license key in 5 minutes. Please insert the license key into the program and activate the program.

    How to activate the program: first method , second method .

  • I purchased the program but couldn't activate it.

    If you have already received the message with license key (serial number) from your billing company, but failed to activate it. Most likely, your payment hasn't been added to our customer database yet.

    If there are these problems, contact our support service.We will send you another license key again.

  • Using the program on other PC.

    If you transfer the program to new computer, please delete 'license.dat' file in installation folder firstly, and register it. Or re-install it.

    If you want to run the program on 2 (or more) computers, Please purchase additional license key.

  • How to change the registered email address?

    It is possible to change the registration email address. At next time register, Please Input new email address. Your old email address will be replace by the new email address.

  • I've purchased a new computer.

    If you changed your computer and move the copy to the new computer, you have to reactivate the program. Please delete 'License.dat' in installation folder first. Then you will find 'UNREGISTER' window on startup.

    If you have no activations left, please don't worry and send a message to our support service. Explain the situation and we will surely help you.

  • Is there a limitation on number of times I can install the program?

    You may install the program any number of times on any number of computers for evaluation purpose.

    Once you have purchased the license of the needed type, you can activate the program on the number of user accounts allowed by your license. Then, you may use your copies of the program for personal or business purpose allowed by your license.

    Copies of the program you haven't purchased a license for must be removed from your computers. Their usage for personal or business purpose is illegal.

  • I want to use the same license at home and in office.

    To use one license at home and in office, you must purchase a license for 2. Our program is licensed per machine. It means you should order as many licenses as many installations you need.

  • Do I need to reactivate the program if I have reinstalled system?

    You will have to reactivate the program after you've reinstalled your operating system.

Update or upgrade

Here you can find answers to questions on updating the program or upgrading the license.

  • Is it necessary to update my version?

    We suggest that our users always update the program.
    Minor and major updates improve the quality of the program and may significantly improve program performance.

  • How often are program updates released?

    Major updates are usually released once or twice a year. Minor or emergency updates may be released more frequently. It is advisable to expect 1 update per every 2 months.

  • Is updating free of charge?

    It is free for update,once you pay for the product you can update forever.

  • I've lost all information used when purchasing the program.

    Regretfully, we cannot help you update the program if you remember no or little information. E.g. if you can provide with your name only (John, for example), we cannot help you. There are hundreds of Johns in our user database and we cannot provide you with their personal details, as this violates our Privacy Policy.

    Please provide us with more information, for example your last name, several email addresses you used at the time of purchase, the approximate date of purchase, etc. This will help us identify your account.

    If you forget your license key, Please click here!

  • How to update the program?

    To update the program, visit the download page of our web site and download latest & newest version. Before installing, please uninstall any old version.

    All the settings will be restored to those you saved last.